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This is my home page

Allen Township Fire Dept.
Amanda Township - Vanlue Festival
Farm and Church In Biglick Township
Blanchard Township - Benton Ridge Community Park
Cass Township - United Methodist Church
The Candidate
I am not saying I'm Batman but nobody has ever seen me and Batman in a room together
Delaware Township- Mt. Blanchard Main north of Clay
Eagle Township - University of Findlay Equestrian Center
Waterfall Area Blanchard River
Aerial Photograph of Findlay
Hancock County Courthouse
Field in Jackson Township
John Hancock Signature
Liberty Township Engine 525 & Friends
Madison Township House
Marion Townshship - Covered Bridge
Orange Township School No. 2
Pleasant Township Fire Department
Portage Township Distribution Church
Union Township - Twin Lakes Campground
Van Buren Township- Eagle Creek Cemetery
Washington Township - Farmhouse south of Arcadia
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