Critical Race Theory

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Critical Race Theory

It is time to knock down yet another strawman. Nobody is trying to teach white children to hate themselves. Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, a law professor at UCLA and Columbia law schools, is given credit for applying the term Critical Race Theory to a graduate-level study that has been going on since the 60s. No individual is being singled out. The basics of the theory are that racism is the norm. White people receive privileges in the US that Hispanics, Indigenous people, Asians, and black people do not. Racism goes beyond the overt acts and is baked into societal mores, law, and legal institutions. This applies to conservatives and liberals alike. Proponents of CRT acknowledge that liberals are not exempt.

The keywords here are graduate-level studies. CRT has never been taught at any level lower than college and only rarely at the baccalaureate level. I am only giving the basics here, it is a complicated and well-researched theory It is never taught at the high school level and certainly not the middle or elementary school levels. That would be akin to teaching quantum physics to a third-grader.

I can understand the resistance to the 'white privilege' term. As a young white adult, I was unaware of any special privileges. It was just the way I had grown up as a child and seemed a natural part of life. This is to what the demagogues aim to appeal. Not being supported by facts, demagogues must rely on stirring emotions to reach an audience. Those who rail at school boards and town halls are being manipulated by devious demagogues. I can acknowledge that believing CRT is a racist attack on white children is an idea. It's just an uninformed one.

P.S.: The following was not included in my letter to "The Courier" editor.

CRT is never a required course. Nobody is ever forced to take the classes. This seems to be just another fabrication by right-wing propagandists to incite their gullible constituents. There are several disinformation campaigns such as this and I am growing further irritated with each new one. The age of truth is forever and there are no alternative facts. Something has to be done and the only method of which I am aware is feeding the misinformed masses a steady diet of facts. This is what I attempt to do in my letters to the editor. I have noticed that my more confrontational "here's the truth whether you like it or not" letters do not get published——see "The Truth" in this category. So, I have taken the more refined approach of presenting the facts and if not for the 350-word-limit, I would include citations.

Critical race theory is critical

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Bruce Workman

Bruce Workman

Bruce is a retired rubber chemist. He is the former publisher, editor and head writer for the county Democratic Party newsletter.

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  1. Susan Gordon

    Well written. Was going to write in about this but opted not to. I could not write it as well as you. I would have said you silly white people are being duped by the Republican Party. They scare you with absurdity to get you to vote for them but don’t actually govern.

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