How to Handle a Facebook Scam


How to deal with a Facebook scammer

I do not know anything about Brittney Flugga other that she lives in Findlay,Ohio. She is probably a very nice lady who would be offended by the exchange below. Since something similar happened to me a few months ago and I received three friend requests (all from people who lived in Findlay) in the space of a few hours (believe me, I am not that popular), I suspected her account had been hacked and a scam was similar to what I had expereinced before was coming. The script was followed exactly, with the notable exception of my replies

Brittney Flugga
You're friends on Facebook
3 mutual friends including Georgee Speck and Dwight Leeper

Yesterday at 2:35 PM

Tue 2:35 PM

Brittney sent Yesterday at 2:35 PM

You sent Yesterday at 6:41 PM

I am going to take a wild guess here and say you are not Brittney Flugga

Brittney sent Yesterday at 7:11 PM

Good evening

You sent Today at 10:18 AM

I am not wearing any underwear

Brittney sent Today at 10:23 AM

Good morning

You sent Today at 10:24 AM

I had diarrhea and shit my pants last night.

Brittney sent Today at 10:24 AM

Oh sorry
How was your night. I thought I had already answered this question

You sent Today at 10:25 AM

It turned out okay. I successfully masturbated

Brittney sent Today at 10:27 AM

How is your family and work. Does he think masturbation is work or a family activity?

You sent Today at 10:39 AM

My family tragically drowned when the sewer backed up. I don't work anymore after a cliff dive left me paralyzed from the neck up. If you ask me to wiggle my nose, I can't do it.

You sent Today at 10:40 AM

A mutual friend told me that you are a pederast. Is that true?

Brittney sent Today at 11:07 AM

I'm pretty good and so happy for my life. I have a good news to share with you. Guess what??   Does his pederasty, my family tragedy, or my paralyis make him happy?

You sent Today at 11:08 AM


Brittney sent Today at 11:08 AM

I was just wondering if you have heard anything about the department of health and human services (DHHS)??   This must be legit, he even knows the initials

You sent Today at 11:08 AM


Brittney sent Today at 11:08 AM

They are having promotional program to help retired,the widows and widowers,also for worker's young,youth, and old .Have you heard from them? I am sure they were waiting for you to announce this fantastic new policy

You sent Today at 11:09 AM


Brittney sent Today at 11:09 AM

Oh, I will advice you to look into it because, I informed about the program by a friend who got $20,000; then i also applied and i get $30,000 from there benefit and is not a loan ?

You sent Today at 11:10 AM

Wow That is amazing and grammatically incorrect

Brittney sent Today at 11:10 AM

Do you know how to apply for it

You sent Today at 11:11 AM

Do I call a certain number and your friend asks for private information, then asks me to pay an applicatation fee? Just a wild guess He has to know I am onto him by now doesn't he?

Brittney sent Today at 11:12 AM

Let me send you the agent link now to apply for it I guess not

You sent Today at 11:13 AM


Brittney sent Today at 11:13 AM
Brittney unsent a message No doubt it was an embarrassing message of affection

You sent Today at 11:14 AM

Great. Brittney, would you like to screw later?

Brittney sent Today at 11:14 AM

Just click on the link and send them a message you want to apply for the DHHS  Whether due to stupidity or persistence it takes a lot to discourage this guy

You sent Today at 11:15 AM

I am definitely on it.
I have an erection just thinking about you!

Brittney sent Today at 11:16 AM

Message him you want to claim your money and let me know what he tells you so I can guide u Apparently, he believes I am the stupid one

Brittney sent Today at 11:35 AM

Have you contact the agent link

You sent Today at 11:36 AM

Yes, he told me to piss off.

Brittney sent Today at 11:36 AM


You sent Today at 11:37 AM

He said he doesn't work with people who associate with a known pederast.

Brittney sent Today at 11:38 AM

He can’t say that Why not? A language barrier or not part of the script
You have not contact the agent link Gee, how could he know that?

You sent Today at 11:39 AM

and I won't. I have seen this scam before. I am going to make this discussion public

Dropping the heavy hammer seemed to work. He finally caught on and the messages ended here

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