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  I believe one-party rule, such as that which has been historically the case in Hancock County, inevitably leads to complacency. Consideration of the needs of constituents ends immediately after the primary elections. Two parties are necessary to keep elected officials responsive. I intend to maintain open communications with the citizens I represent through town halls, my website, phone, and email. I pledge to hold a town hall at least once a month covering every township during my term and to maintain open and easy communications with my constituents. This is my chief reason for running. I want to give the residents of the county the representation they deserve.

Since I will be running in the primary unopposed, I am certain to win in March.

  • It is my sincere hope that the days when the Republican primary was the general election are over.
  • I have already begun open communication with the citizens of Hancock County.
  • My priorities will largely reflect the priorities of the people.
  • There is some concern that the current proposed flood mitigation plan is largely focused on moving the flood plain from Findlay to the surrounding county.
  • I intend to study the current plan along with past proposed plans to determine the veracity of these concerns and to seek alternative solutions where necessary
  • I expect to investigate plans to combine city and county emergency dispatch centers
  • I want to address the problems arising from climate change in the county
  • I plan to work with the Sheriff on jail expansion needs.

  The county is home to two vital corporations and many supporting factories and distribution centers that support regional manufacturers and retailers. These¬† corporations and privately-owned ¬†companies are not only a crucial tax base but are also important employers. They are traditionally able to manage their own growth. Instead, we need to focus our efforts on the entrepreneurs. I would concentrate on supporting the efforts of the Small Business Resource Center and consider offering incentives to locate additional small businesses in Hancock County. This is where our efforts will yield the largest dividend. These would be local businesses and major resources for gainful employment.¬† The community will have to be involved and supportive in order to ensure continued success.

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