Josh Hawley: Despicable Asshole of the Week #5

Ted Cruz: Asshole of the Week

Josh Hawley: Asshole of the Week

Announcing the MBW Asshole of the Week award winner. In recognition of excellence in assholiness and total indifference to the values of others, the winner is the scumbag senator from Missouri: Joshua David Hawley.

True to his name, Joshua has devoted his adult life to bringing down the walls of democracy. Although new to the U.S. Senate, he has already established himself as a front runner in the "most despicable person to hold public office" competition.

Josh is yet another republican politician who was born with advantages. His father was a banker and president of Boatmen's Bank and his mother was a teacher. Together they could afford to send their son to a private Jesuit high school and his mother's alma mater, Stanford University. Josh received his law degree from Yale.Josh was admired by teachers and fellow students alike all of which later were quoted as saying something to the effect that they never could have predicted he would become such a right-wing asshole.

Josh's list of greatest misses is extensive. Let us begin with his being one of twenty Republican Attorneys General who sued the federal government over the Affordable Care Act. Another notorious act as the state's top prosecutor was dismissing charges against a white sheriff, who was later convicted of a variety of state and federal charges, for imprisoning, torturing, and causing the death of a black motorist, Tory Sanders, who was only guilty of being lost and asking for directions. Despite campaigning against professional politicians who climb the political ladder, Joshua left his job as Missouri's Attorney General after two years to campaign for the Senate.

As a senator, he was the first to jump on the 'Big Lie' bandwagon by announcing his intent to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election. He became most famous for his raised fist salute in support of the insurrectionists on January 6. An act that led to the comments by the former admirers mentioned in the third paragraph. The public comments and a 12-point drop in a Missouri approval poll did nothing to deter Josh in his mission to destroy democracy and replace it with a Christian theocracy. Why anyone would choose Donald Trump as a model Christian remains a mystery to most Americans.

He has thus far hidden his thinly-veiled racism (the aforementioned murder of Tory Sanders started in Mississippi, Missouri). But I believe he revealed in his attacks on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Josh also called upon his Qanon background (the obsession with child sexual abuse allegations against Democrats) to persecute Judge Jackson during confirmation hearings. A Washington Post Fact-Checker article shows how Hawley took Jackson's remarks on sentencing out of context.

Josh Hawley continues to support the Big Lie and continues to lie to do so. It just goes to show that a private religious high school education and degrees from prestigious private universities cannot prevent someone from becoming an obnoxious asshole. Maybe some people are born that way. Perhaps instead of the nurse saying 'leave this one alone' she merely said 'this one is an asshole to the bone'.

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Bruce Workman

Bruce Workman

Bruce is a retired rubber chemist. He is the former publisher, editor and head writer for the county Democratic Party newsletter.

He is currenty a freelance writer, and a political activist. Bruce likes to read, research, write, design this website, and fish.

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  1. Joie

    Couldn’t have picked a better dingleberry, this guy is like a shit after eating a whole sleeve of Oreos.

    1. Bruce Workman

      He is the poster boy for political douche bags, but the new Republican party is offering so many to choose from.

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