Matt Huffman cheats


Matt Huffman lies

I could say the latest redistricting maps are the result of a deal with the devil, but at least the devil keeps his end of the bargain. The latest congressional maps are the result of a broken deal with Matt Huffman. In 2015 we voted for an amendment to the Ohio Constitution to end gerrymandering for Ohio House and Senate districts, with over 70% voting yes. In 2018 we began the process again for the U.S. House districts. We were in the process of collecting signatures to place an amendment on the ballot similar to what we had for the state districts.

While we were approaching the required number of signatures, Matt Huffman wanted to negotiate a deal. He agreed to an independent panel similar to what he had for the state elections. In retrospect, it was unwise to trust Mr. Huffman, but we probably would have had the same result. It seems Matt Huffman and associates had no more regard for the Ohio Constitution and the will of the voters than they did for promises made.

The maps that were voted in along partisan lines and signed by a partisan governor were even more unfair than what we have had since 2012. We cannot trust our legislators to keep promises or engage in good faith legislation. It seems nearly every bill passed is designed to increase the personal power and/or wealth of the legislators or their cronies. We especially cannot trust them with an issue as important as our voting rights.>/p>

Just as what was needed in the Jim Crow south, we need federal oversight. We must do whatever is in our power to see that S.2747 the Freedom to Vote Act is passed. We have to ensure that the rights that our veterans fought for are restored.

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Matt Huffman

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