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The Big Lie Refuses to Die

Time to recognize our regression

God's sovereignty can be identified from both the blessings and judgments he has administered in the world throughout history. Psalms 33:12 and Proverbs 14:34 proclaim a nation is exalted and blessed when founded on principles and practices of righteousness.

Perhaps the most pronounced verse on the consequences of failure to obey this truth is found in Isaiah 60:12: "The nation which will not serve thee shall perish yea, these nations shall be utterly wasted."

America is not escaping these warnings and punishments. God is never the cause of evil, but he allows people of disobedience to accomplish his promises and judgments. He used men to crucify Christ so his sin-conquering resurrection would provide eternal life for believers.

The Biden administration must know that with many obstacles and great odds we became the great nation we have been. What it doesn't appear to know is what we did to establish is traced to God's divine sovereignty.

The administration, through many bad ruling decisions, are taking away the personal freedoms and prosperity and our destroying our power and integrity as a nation

So, is there hope? The Bible doesn't identify America in end-time events. The good thing about being judged is when we recognize that the regression that continues to occur is an expression of God's displeasure.

Repentance and restoration of the system that has served our nation so well is the answer. It can start with an attitude of concern for people's well-being, which was and is featured in the Constitution.

II Chronicles 7:14 states: "If my people who are called by name, Christians, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked way, then will I hear from heaven, and well forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Tom Lawrence


My Response

No preaching

It seems the Courier forgot its guidelines on preaching in the letters to the editor, because that is exactly what Tom Lawrence's letter of February 4th was. Unfortunately, it closely resembled some of the sermons in today's churches. Somewhere we crossed the line and made curches into political institutions. Religion and rational political discourse do not mix. The first amendment guarantees freedom of religion. It was intended to prevent a national religion. Nowhere does it mention your religion to the exclusion of others or one religion to rule them all.

The reason I mentioned that religion has no place in rational discourse is that religion is based on faith, not fact. The Council of Nicea decided which new testament works were works of God and which were not. Thus far God has not verified. There has been no "that's mine but the other one is not." I can knock down any scriptural argument with a simple phrase: "Where is your proof?" You cannot prove the author or even the transcriber, let alone verify with another source.

I could not help but notice that your faith seems to support a person, who probably believes himself to be God,over a lifelong devout Christian. I am assuming you include Catholicism in Christianity.

I support your freedom to worship whoever or whatever you choose. I have a problem when you attempt to use your beliefs to influence me, my republic, or my democracy. Do and believe what you want in your home, your church, or when gathered with those of similar beliefs. Just keep your irrational arguments out of my life and government or provide factual proof for your arguments.

Don't feel like I am just picking on your religion. I would have the same reaction if someone of the Jewish faith tried to justify a political position by quoting the Tanakh.

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Bruce Workman

Bruce Workman

Bruce is a retired rubber chemist. He is the former publisher, editor and head writer for the county Democratic Party newsletter.

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