Repulsive Ron DeSantis: Asshole of the Week #15

Repulsive Ron DeSantis: Asshole of the Week #15

Repulsive Ron DeSantis: Asshole of the Week #15

Our latest winner of the asshole of the week award is Ronald D. DeSantis. Born— perhaps hatched is the more appropriate term—in the cockroach capital of the United States, Jacksonville, Florida, Ronald Dumbass DeSantis was listed as “Cockroach” under “race” on his birth certificate. His parents were unknown as there were so many candidates. RDD spent most of his childhood in Dunedin,-named after the rangers in Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings—FL. After attending a Catholic school, Ron the repulsive, as he came to be known by his ‘friends’, graduated from Dunedin High School—home of the “Fighting Cow Pies”—in 1997. Yale University lacked cockroaches, so via affirmative action, he was admitted. The repulsive one studied history at Yale and graduated magma cum loudly in 2001. After a year of teaching history to entitled teens at a private school in Georgia, Ronald decided to apply to Harvard and was admitted for many of the same reasons. He graduated cum loudly with a Juris Doctor degree in 2005.

During his second year at Harvard, he was commissioned to the Navy JAG Corps as a lieutenant junior grade and began work as a Navy prosecutor also in 2005. Because of his commitment to ‘guilty until proven innocent’ he was promoted to lieutenant. Ron was deployed to Iraq in 2007, where he spent most of his time cowering and attempting to hide behind the larger members of Seal Team One. As of this date, he is still in the Navy Reserve, although it is rumored that he has hired a look-alike in case of emergency. Ron decided by 2012 that he has run out of jobs where you get paid for doing nothing and decided to run for congress. With voters in Florida’s 6th District aching for the repulsive, he was re-elected in 2014 and 2016. Some of Ron’s more memorable legislative acts include:
Introducing a bill that would have required the DOJ to Congress any time they thought an executive agency was failing to enforce a law or regulation, presumedly including those regulations the agency had enacted.
Signing a pledge to vote against any climate change legislation.
Adding a rider to a spending bill that would have ended funding for the Mueller investigation.
And generally being a douchebag.

Repulsive Ron decided to run for Governor of Florida to succeed Rick Scott and ensure the legacy of douchebag governors continued. Ron firmly attached his lips to Donald Trump’s ass, causing some to say it resembled a sea lamprey attached to a lake trout. Putting any sense of decency aside, DeSantis decided to exploit his family in the campaign. He demonstrated his loyalty to Trump by running ads that featured him showing his children how to build a wall and having a daughter dressed in a red jumper that said “Make America Great Again.” Unfortunately, child abuse charges were never filed.

It is as governor that the repulsive one finally was able to put his full doucebaggery on display. His platform included:
His support for legislation that would allow those with concealed weapons permits to quit concealing them.
He supported a law banning sanctuary cities from protecting undocumented immigrants.
His support for a state constitutional amendment requiring a supermajority for any tax increase.
His opposition to Medicaid for able-bodied adults without children. Apparently, he either believes there are no working people who are poor or doesn’t give a shit.

During his stint as governor, he became even more repulsive:
He attempted to put all of the blame on Sheriff Scott Israel by firing him for his department’s response after the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
He appointed three knee-jerk conservative judges as replacements for vacancies thereby switching the Florida Supreme Court majority from liberal to conservative,during his first two weeks in office
Even though he said, during his campaign, that education decisions should be made locally, he signed an executive order ending Common Core in Florida.
He signed legislation that would make it harder for ballot initiatives to be successful. There were petition gathering works underway for legalizing medical marijuana, increasing the minimum wage, and the expansion of Medicaid at the time and he could not tolerate legislation that would help the poor and disadvantaged.

Also as governor, he supported the big lie—since it is hard to imagine that someone who graduated from two Ivy League schools could be stupid enough to believe blatant nonsense, he either had to be incredibly gullible or feigning belief for political reasons.

Repulsive Ron also drafted legislation protecting Confederate monuments, undermining efforts by local authorities to regulate their police forces, and blocking people injured while protesting from receiving damages.Ron and his RWNJ legislators have passed some of the most draconian voter restriction laws in the counting. If nothing else, this alone would have qualified him for AOTW infamy.

Coming soon, Punch the Politician games featuring Ron DeSantis and the Orange Turd himself. I shouldn’t have much trouble finding public domain videos of either of these assholes saying indefensible things.

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    Living in Florida and I absolutely agree he should be asshole of every week.

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