Ron Johnson: Asshole of the Week #14

Ron Johnson:Asshole of the Week #14

Ron Johnson: Asshole of the Week #14

Ron Johnson was born in Mankato, Minnesota in 1955. I would call him a grizzled old fart, but I was born in 1953. Ron experienced conflict early on. His mother was of German ancestry while his father was of Norwegian descent. His mother was constantly invading his father’s territory and despite his indefensible claim that he was Swiss, he was constantly being asked to take a side.

Ron graduated from Edina High School and was admitted to the University of Minnesota, which at the time, admitted any resident student with a C average or better. He graduated cum infimum dedecus with a baccalaureate in business and accounting. His incompetence was legendary in Minnesota, so he decided to move to move to Oshkosh, ‘b′ gosh’, Wisconsin.

In Oshkosh, Ron was begrudgingly hired by his brother-in-law to work in plastics factory whose only customer was his father-in-law’s company, Beamis. He worked as the company’s accountant and a machine operator. Realizing nepotism was his only way forward, he worked for the company for 31 years, eventually becoming its CEO after his wife’s brother left the company. With the full knowledge that their in-law was an incompetent turd, the family immediately sold the company. Ron ultimately had to buy the company to avoid being fired.

Knowing that the only people more gullible than his wife’s family were Wisconsin voters, Ron ran for and was elected to the Senate in 2010. Johnson admitted to the New York Times that he “did kind of spring out of the Tea Party” and was happy with the association. He ran on a platform that opposed stimulus funds and favored letting the economy take care of itself. He financed his campaign with $9 million of his money, but later received $10 million in deferred compensation. As the owner of the company he decided on the amount but claimed it was unrelated to the money he had spent on the campaign.

Ron has rejected the scientific consensus on climate and without evidence, claims it is due to causes other than human activity. He proposed drilling in the Great Lakes if oil was found there but later backpedaled saying that is not what he meant.

Ron joined his obnoxious colleague, Ted Cruz, as a debt-ceiling extortionist. A fiscal conservative hawk, he opposed nearly all spending during the Obama administration. He supported the Trump tax cuts, claiming they would eventually reduce the deficit. He later sought to block the bipartisan bill to send the $1200 COVID-19 related stimulus checks because of what it would do to the deficit. Johnson tried to obstruct the American Rescue Plan Act while still refusing to acknowledge that the Trump tax cuts did more to raise the debt than any spending bill.

When you combine his “fiscal conservatism” with his effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it becomes clear that Ron Johnson does not give a shit about the American poor or middle-class. He is also a strong supporter of gun rights. He co-sponsored a bill to prohibit the Justice Department from tracking and recording multiple firearm purchases. He threatened to filibuster and joins 45 other Republican senators in defeating a bill to require background checks.

Ron once compared the COVID-19 deaths to highway deaths and claimed that not closing businesses was an acceptable risk because we did not do the same for traffic deaths. Who knew that traffic accidents were contagious? He even called quack doctors to testify about the ineffectiveness of vaccines and the effectiveness of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, proving once again that he doesn’t care about us.

Johnson is also a supporter and defender of the "big lie" and was banned from twitter for his absurd comments about the 2020 election

Ron was reelected by a slim margin in 2016. Despite his pledge to retire after two terms, he is running for the same seat in 2022. We can only hope that Wisconsin voters wise up and refuse this turd sandwich another 6 years in power.

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Bruce Workman

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