Ted Cruz: The Cringeworthy Asshole of the Week #4

Ted Cruz: Asshole of the Week

Ted Cruz: Asshole of the Week

Announcing the MBW Asshole of the Week award winner. In recognition of excellence in assholiness and total indifference to the values of others , the winner is the universally despised senator from Texas: Rafael Edward Cruz.

Although he has a long history of being one of the most despicable individuals to ever hold public office, Rafael's performance, along with future AOTW, Josh Hawley, during the confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Cruz attempted to equivalate the accusations against Brett Cavanaugh with a witch hunt, even though nobody had accused Judge Jackson of anything, and injected the absurd concept of 'racist babies' in an attempt to ridicule critical race theory and the judge. If you witnessed this, you saw a disgusting display of bullying by ineffectual, effeminate men portraying toxic masculinity.

Rafael Cruz was born with advantages. As the youngest child, his family was well established and able to send him to the finest private schools. His father, Rafael, was an activist against the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship and was beaten for his beliefs. Rafael Cruz was granted political asylum in the United States after attending the University of Texas and became a successful businessman and Canadian citizen. Political courage or the courage of one's beliefs is not something that Ted inherited. Ted can show loyalty to someone who calls him 'the biggest liar in the world', publicly states his wife is ugly, and suggests his father was involved in the assassination of a president if he sees political or monetary gain in it. Watching the debates with Trump was like watching a contest for the greater of two evils.

Ted's political career began in contesting election results, so it should come as no surprise that he saw the advantage of jumping on "The Big Lie" express. Raffy Ted helped organize the legal team representing Bush in Bush v. Gore only to support overturning an election 20 years later. Apparently, he believes the Republican candidate should be declared the winner regardless of the will of the voters.

His disdain for his constituents was fully displayed when he decided to head for warmer climes while they were freezing. Nothing says "fuck you" like going to Cancun when there is a massive power outage during winter storms. To fully show his innate creepiness, he tried to blame the outage on wind turbines, which account for less than half the energy than coal and natural gas do in Texas and then blamed his Cancun gaffe on his daughters. He is definitely a scumbag.

Despite his Hispanic heritage, he is a leading advocate of white supremacy. In this regard, he reminds me of a black man hunting escaped slaves. He has opposed numerous bills regarding hate crimes against minorities. He showed a brief moment of sanity when he referred to insurrectionists as terrorists only to cower under pressure from noted racist Tucker Carlson and his racist supporters.

Ted Cruz represents the sole speck of bipartisanship in Congress; members of both parties hate him. To know Ted is to detest Ted. It is hard to decide the most deserving AOTW winner of all time, but I am sure Senator Cruz will be in the running.

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Please feel free to nominate your own candidates in the comments.

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Bruce Workman

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