Terrible Todd Rokita:Asshole of the Week 20

Terrible Todd Rokita: Asshole of the Week 20

Terrible Todd Rokita: Asshole of the Week 20

Todd Rokita was one of the rare persons who are born an asshole. He also was born with an innate desire to dictate how women use their bodies. As soon as he could talk he chastised his mother for selecting the wrong obstetrician. Although born in Chicago—there has been speculation that a sewer rat or a Mafia trigger man was his biological father-but he grew up in Munster, Indiana. If you have never been to Munster, I can give you a brief background. Munster is a suburb of Chicago close to the borders of Illinois and Michigan. It is known for oil refineries, steel mills, prostitution, pimps, keeping the blacks from Gary out, and as a haven for assholes. Todd and his family were immediately accepted by neighbors. While attending high school in Munster he was awarded the coveted Junior Dickhead Award.

Todd received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wabash College. Wabash College is a private liberal arts college known chiefly for its nonexistent admission standards and an unemployment rate among alumni that is more than three times the national average. He earned his J.D. from Indiana University, Indiana, a regional joint campus with Purdue University. Upon passing the bar he decided to specialize in voter suppression and the oppression of genders other than male. This is why he immediately joined the secretary of state’s office as general counsel and later deputy secretary of state. To demonstrate that he would go anywhere in the nation to seek favorable voting outcomes he served as legal counsel to seven counties in Florida during the 2000 presidential election recount.

He was Secretary of State from 2002 to 2010. His major accomplishment during his tenure was implementing a strict voter ID law in 2005, the first in the nation. Despite legal challenges in which he was a defendant, the Roberts Court upheld the law. Todd noted, “The Indiana case is still very much the law of the land and I don’t expect that to change.”


Todd was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2011 to 2019, where he won renown for accomplishing nothing. He was elected Attorney General in 2020 and sworn in in January 2021. That same year Todd was investigated for collecting payments for advising various healthcare and pharmaceutical companies—note: Eli Lily and Co. is headquartered in Indianapolis.

Todd initiated a letter signed by 20 other Republican state attorneys general opposing the For the People Act—there is nothing Republicans hate more than doing something for the people. He testified in the U.S. Senate Rules Committee that he would sue if the bill became law. Senator Jon Ossoff responded by saying he took exception to the notion, "that public concern regarding the integrity of the recent election is born of anything but a deliberate and sustained misinformation campaign led by a vain former president unwilling to accept his own defeat" and that said he found it disturbing that a state attorney general "would indulge in that kind of misinformation and spread those kinds of conspiracies."(1)

Yet another area where Todd fails to excel is education policies. Rokita supports charter schools, school choice, and reducing the role of the Department of Education in setting education policy. (2) He and Marco Rubio introduced a bill to give tax credits to those who choose charter or private schools. That’s right, he wants to give money to those who can afford to send their children to schools other than public schools. Perhaps he views this as revenge for the sub-standard education he received—through no fault of any element of the school system—from the Munster public school system. Todd was too busy playing with himself and daydreaming about having power over girls and women—the two activities seem connected somehow—to listen and study.

Todd does not accept the scientific consensus on climate change and once claimed the idea was “arrogant”. He has received an ‘A’ grade from the NRA. He opposes the Affordable Care Act and voted to repeal it every time it came to a vote in Congress and promised to support any lawsuit to challenge its constitutionality while running for Indiana AG. He denied the statistics on COVID-19 in Indiana were valid in an interview on WSBT, a Michiana station located in South Bend—not only do residents of the state never know what time it is, but the state also has no identity of its own; preferring the nonsensical designation as the Hoosier state. Ask any resident, “What the hell is a Hoosier?” and you will receive nothing beyond a blank stare. Rokita followed his television appearance with a tweet claiming, without any evidence, that healthcare workers had a financial motive to fudge statistics and record deaths from other causes as COVID-related.

Todd introduced the SLAP act in 2017, legislation that was never brought to a vote but would impose fines and jail time for politicians in sanctuary cities. He supported Trump’s Muslim ban. While in Congress, Todd voted in line with former President Trump 90.3$ of the time.3 He endorsed the petition by Ken Braxton to the SCOTUS and declined to sign a letter from the National Association of Attorneys General condemning the attack on the Capitol.

His stand on abortions is the icing on the asshole cake. Todd has maintained a 100% anti-abortion voting record according to the National Right to Life Committee. (4) He opposes all abortion, without exceptions, from the time of conception.

His most infamous act was related to the case of a 10-year-old rape victim who was three days past Ohio’s six-week abortion limit. He threatened the Indiana gynecologist who performed the legal abortion with prosecution. “Rokita described the gynecologist as an "abortion activist acting as a doctor with a history of failing to report" abortions and said that he was investigating whether the gynecologist had reported the abortion and the sexual abuse, in this case, threatening to suspend her medical license or commence "criminal prosecution" if the gynecologist had not done so.[24][25] Indiana government records released through a public records request by FOX59 revealed that the gynecologist met her reporting timely. Rokita's office responded to this revelation by stating that the investigation was continuing as they were still gathering evidence”.[26] (5)

The only sane response to all of this is, “This guy is an asshole”. And this is why Todd Rokita is the 20th Asshole of the Week as named by the prestigious organization “Musings by Bruce Workman”

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  1. Joie

    Here’s what just makes my ass itch…we have literally thousands of children in foster care in Indiana. We haven’t called special sessions to discuss how the system took many of their social security death benefits, you know from their parents dying, that they will never see a cent of. Thousands of kids needing loving parents but we have forgotten them in all this. Wonder what an unwanted child thinks about abortion? Truly heartbreaking

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