The Big Lie Refuses to Die

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The Big Lie Refuses to Die

The Big Lie Refuses to Die

The letter to the Findlay Courier dated Jan. 8, 2021, and written by Tom Quarrie prompted me to react. Whether the Courier prints my response remains to be seen. What Tom's diatribe revealed was that there is at least one person who is not ashamed to admit he believes the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen; not the other state and federal elections, many of which were won by Republicans, just the one where the narcissistic sociopath went down in flames. The election wasn't even that close, but that didn't deter his supporters and sycophants. They went through great leaps in logic and reason to allege that votes were altered only in the states Trump lost.

"… as Republican election officials around the country and Trump-appointed former Attorney General William Barr have acknowledged," there was no evidence of mass voter fraud (CNN). Trump, ex-attorney Rudy Giuliani, and assorted red state AGs, along with amicus briefs by 126 treasonous dimwits, filed over 40 lawsuits challenging the election results. Jurists at both State and Federal levels dismissed them all after finding all of the claims without merit. In at least one case a judge admonished the plaintiff's counsel for filing a 'frivolous' lawsuit. .

There were some cases of alleged voter fraud by lone voters, the most famous being two Republican voters in The Villages, FL, but all of these taken together are not enough to affect the election in any state. There is absolutely no evidence for the massive vote fraud that would alter the outcome of the popular or electoral vote. .

Interestingly enough, the voting machines and advanced technologies that the big liars disparage are also the reason that the type of vote manipulation they contend can no longer happen. One of the most dubious claims is that there were numerous votes cast by dead people. Remember that some of these people are also adherents of the 'big brother is watching' conspiracy. How they can believe that the same systems that can track where you are at any given time could not determine whether a voter is dead, is beyond belief. Maybe political bosses could get away with this as late as the sixties, but the new technology has made voting using the names and addresses of dead people a foolish venture that would surely be discovered. .

Another claim made by Rudy and associates was that there was something fishy about missing USBvCards in Delaware County, PA. County election officials explained that the cards were used to transfer data from paper-ballot scanners to the central tabulating system and that it requires training to perform the task properly. It is not unusual for the transfer to be completed after election day and the cards were not missing, they were exactly where they were supposed to be. .

Then there is the claim about the lack of signature matching for mail-in ballots. This is a particularly bizarre charge from those who believe in states' rights. There is no universal law regarding signature matching, each state has its own rules and many have no such requirement. Since the private ballot was adopted in all states, there has not been any requirement to sign any ballot. That would defeat the purpose of privacy, wouldn't it? The envelope must be signed, but laws requiring signature verification vary. Of the six "contested" states, four had signature matching requirements and two did not. Once again, this is a false flag and could not have altered the outcome. .

There is nothing sinister about ballots arriving after election day. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia allow ballots arriving after election day to be counted, as long as they are postmarked by election day. There is also nothing evil or even unusual about mail-in ballots being returned in person on the same day or the next day. .

There is nothing particularly unusual about the counting of votes to stop on election night and resume the next day. If you have worked the polls, you know it can be exhausting work and during elections with high turnout, the tabulation procedures can last way into the night. .

I could go on to challenge each preposterous allegation made by the big liars, but I think a summary should be sufficient. Of all the challenges made, all have been disproven and debunked by the judiciary, state election officials (including Republicans), and investigative reporting by credible media organizations. If you still believe the big lie, you are either inconceivably gullible or stupid. There is no third option. Trump lost and it is past time to get over it! .


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