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Todd Great-Grandma Workman (nee Alma Cochran),and Uncle Booj

Todd and Booj

MyFriend,Todd and His Uncle Booj I first met Todd in the summer of 1969 when his mother, my sister, Marsha, brought him home from the hospital. I was an immensely…

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A witch hunt. Finger-pointing is enough to convict.

Witch Hunt

Has 'Me-Too' Become the Latest Witch Hunt? Back in the days when newsgroup readers were part of every email client, I subscribed, read, and posted to a group called "Witch…

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Rednecks in The Villages resemble Nazis at a rally.

The Threat

The Threat     We are facing an existential threat to our democratic republic. Others might say 'our democracy', but actual democracies are small and exceedingly rare. What we have…

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